Buckle up
and have
a good time

An indoor Family Entertainment Center that operates an array of the latest amusement major rides and games including 4 storey soft play, toddler’s hall, Video & VR games, Drop & Twist Tower, Coaster, Redemption machines, carnivals, kiddie Rides and a lot more. A perfect destination for your regular amusement necessity where you can really enjoy a memorable time and unlimited fun.

Providing a family-friendly atmosphere with vibrantly designed color schemes area which makes it a perfect choice for your next event venue as we also offer a private party room with free party host and awesome decorations.

Rides and Attractions


Zone Pricing

Attraction Price Starts
Major Rides 1.500
Kiddie Rides 0.600
Carnival Games 1.500
Crane Machines 1.000
Redemption Machines 0.700
Video Games 0.800
VR Games 1.500

Exciting Birthday Party
and Group Packages