July 17 - Aug 11, 2022
Funscape Summer Camp

Ready for another summer of fun? We invite you to come along and experience a new set of fun-filled activities with our two-week-long Summer Camp adventures at Funscape World zones.

Ice, Ice Ladies

Girls, get your boot blades ready for an exclusive night Ice-perience just for you!

Loyalty Card Promotion

Make the most out of your Funscape experience with an ice and adventure loyalty card!

Disco Hour on Ice

Get your groove on and skate to the rhythm of disco tunes at Funscape World Ice Rink every Thursday & Friday from 8 pm - 9 pm!


Make it the best birthday party ever at Funscape World!

Your Safety is our Priority

Know that Funscape World is taking every precautionary step to secure your safety and well-being. As we gradually open our doors to a fun-tastic world of adventure, we are committed to providing you with a safe environment in alignment with ...

Funscape footy pitch in just a tap!

We made it easy for you! You can now book your Funscape footy pitch in just a tap! Download the Malaeb app and let the games begin!